Week 3 Wednesday Musings 
You should recall the classic finale of The Karate Kid (if you haven’t seen it – stop right now, do not pass GO and go home to contemplate your dismal existence), where the great Daniel Larusso dominated the competition in route to a match with his bitter rival at the Cobra Kai dojo.  Johnny Lawrence takes him down with a vicious leg sweep and Daniel is left to pick himself back up and find a way to win. The great Brian Aldridge (skeeBoston’s #6 all-time) found himself in a similar predicament after a Week 1 leg-sweep took him to depths so low a round of Guiness couldn’t contain his bitter tears of despair. He dug deep, remembered the teachings of his mighty mentor and crane-kicked the skeet out of week 2 with a 325. This is additionally important since it broke a skeeboston record for highest one-week point differential of 133! 
Throw out my MVSkee predictions, this race is all Scotty-Too-Hotty Sinclair and Lisa “Little Caesar” Ogawa. Both increased their week 1 totals and hold averages of 339 and 331.5 respectively and both are on the top 2 Wednesday teams. 
The following Teams are on notice: Team KC/Alex/Chris & Team Ali/Kristen/Kristen. Team names are due within 24 hours or you will show up Wednesday night with a permanent team name created by yours-truly. Last years Mystery Writer graced me with  “Schmoopy Pants” as a nick-name and I’m still a little bitter. So unless you want your team name listed as The Skeezy Scrotums, get your team name to Duke ASAP. 

See you Wednesday and remember….sweep the leg! There’s no mercy on the lanes.

Thursday leaguers, I’m going to ignore most of what Chuck wrote for several reasons:

1. We agreed on a different topic that someone (Chuck) was supposed to start writing (Chuck) and send to me (Chuck) but someone (Chuck) “got drunk all weekend instead.” So I’m going rogue this week. 

2. Sorrynotsorry no one cares about week 2 stats, especially after season predictions were done last week. Typical Wednesday journalism. Come back to me when the season is at least half over.  Also, everyone can read the standings themselves, except for Duke, who we recently discovered attended the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. But if we have to recap: Previously, at TGB – Cougar Hunters broke 1000 for the second week in a row; Steve/Pat/Yanni need a team name or they’ll be named by Duke, Ev and Derek are in the top individual roller spots, and that’s what you missed on GLEE, er..at Skee! Moving on…

This week I wanna talk about how to find your stride on the lanes and roll like the best.  Cougar Hunters, UConn Huskees, and The Boston Skee Party all have two rollers in the top ten currently.  Here are some of  their skee-crets to a good roll: 

Temperature of the Bar: Mike says not too hot, Ev says not too cold, Derek suggests 63 degrees for maximum efficiency. What we can glean from Goldilocks and the Skee Bears here is that no one likes to be handling sweaty balls. Which leads me to my next point:

Skee Fashion: No clear winner to the age old boxers or briefs question, but dressing comfortably is key.  You have to look fabulous too, though. Skeeball League has been on TV, so we’re kind of a big deal.  Also, on Wednesdays we wear pink. 

Intoxication level: On a scale of sober to seeing more than 3 lanes, you want to be loose but not sloppy. I know, that’s what she said.  Pace yourself to be buzzed enough to be relaxed, not smashed – at least until after the match. Then anything goes, and often does.  $3 PBRs are back, so line ‘em up & drink ‘em down. 

Roll Time & Lane Preferences: In true patriot fashion, Ev “The Baker” believes all lanes and roll times were created equal, and the back-to-normal scoring after the moneyball season will prove who the best rollers really are.  Let’s be honest, no one likes first or last roll, but we play nice when we must.  And of course lefty rollers like being able to get more arm room on the end. 

Rolling Style – Up the Middle vs. Banking: The top two say right up the middle. “This isn’t amateur hour,” and “I wonder how many homeruns Barry Bonds would have hit off a T” were some pretty clear feelings on that. Rebuttals, bankers? 

Final tips for moving up the ranks? Working out won’t help you in skeeball, unless a) you have to do a lot of pushups every week, in which case you should evaluate your choice of sport, or b) you are Alexis, who does Crossfit so she can leap drunk people in a single bound and parkour onto the machines to snap pictures of you doing said pushups. 

It’s time to get skee-rious!

Week 3 Musings
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