Steve “Pinball” Robinson Breaks 400

Steve Pinball Robinson Breaks 400

Steve “Pinball” Robinson dropped a 402 in Week 5 and became only the 3rd roller in skeeBOSTON history to break the 400 point mark.  I can’t think of anyone in the league who has worked harder to get to this point.  Steve finished 45th, 22nd, and 12th overall in the past 3 skeesons.  This skeeson Steve has put in some practice.  Yup, we talkin’ bout’ PRACTICE.  Not a game… not a game… not a game… we talkin’ bout’ PRACTICE!  (Anytime I can fit that video into a post, it’s going to happen.  #DealWithIt!)

Seriously though, Steve comes out almost every Wednesday to socialize, dominate the pinball machine, and roll a little free-skee late night.   Not only has Steve “Pinball” Robinson jumped up to #3 overall and become one of skeeBOSTON’s elite rollers, but he has finally earned a very deserving nickname (although, fishsticks was pretty catchy!).

Congrats Pinball!  Also, congrats to Alex of Skeenage Mutant Ninja Turles for rolling her first 40 Streak.


Steve “Pinball” Robinson Breaks 400
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