skeeBOSTON – Week 4 Musings

Chuck is MIA this week, but Rachel did catch up with one of skeeBOSTON’s rollers this week…

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Thursday Nights: The Ballad of Karol Dudycz

The Chalice. High Rollers. Wild Card Tourney. Streaks and hundos and combos, oh my! We at skeeBOSTON’s Skeeball League spend a lot of time picking apart the top scores and watching the race for first, but what about the average joes, the underdogs, the just plain not-gonna-wins? We play here too! The great orator Ricky Bobby once said, “If you ain’t first you’re last.” One skeeballer who’s taken that to heart is Karol Dudycz, (pronounced Karl, we had a long discussion about this, and his last name is as bad as mine, so I give up on that) of team USDA Prime Skeet. Karol last week foolishly pointed out that he was the lowest ranked player who had no DNRs, so I, naturally, being the nice person that I am, offered to buy Karol a beer in exchange for the opportunity to interview/roast him as this week’s skee-lebrity. Suckerrrrr.

RP: Have you ever played skeeball before? Don’t lie!!

KD: To be honest, the only time I really played it was when I was young. It was a simpler time, it was about soda, pizza, and collecting tickets for that damn Chuck E. Cheese’s toy I never got!  Stupid toy….anyways, I didn’t know that 20-something years later I would be looking down the skeeball lane peeing my pan errr…I mean, worrying about playing well. I wasn’t good then, and clearly as you can tell, I’m not very good now. I just need time and I’ll turn things around!

RP:Are you even trying?!

KD:Of course I’m trying! I mean look at the stat shee…..ummmm….nevermind, thats the reason for this interview isn’t it? Damnit!

RP: How does your team feel about you being the worst skeeballer?

KD: No comment.

RP:What do you think is going wrong, & how do you plan to improve in the second half of the skeeson?

KD:I think it’s that I didn’t come prepared to expect the pressure, the lights, the grand stage, and it could be something with the amount of alcohol I’ve been consuming during these games. I think once I find my stride, get comfortable, I’ll be good to get out of the bottom of the barrel and straight to the top…or maybe somewhere close?

RP: Do you need a hug?!

KD: Well, looking at the fact that I’m at the bottom of stat sheet *sigh* yes, I do. Maybe more than one.

Ok skeeballers, you have your orders  – everyone should hug Karol. And maybe buy him a beer for being a good sport. Welcome to our dysfunctional skee family!

skeeBOSTON – Week 4 Musings
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