Skee Nerd’s Skeeson 11 Mid-skeeson Report

Sadly, I’m now in my second missed skeeson watching the weekly rolling from afar. So when I was asked to write the mid-skeeson report I did not hesitate at the chance to take a good look at how the skeeson is shaping up. And boy is this skeeson shaping up to be one for the record books. Seriously, we have so many new rollers in the 400 club that it is ridiculous and amazing, we have more perfect games, and rookskees rolling like pros. Now, since I’m a scientist and not a writer, and apparently only funny when I’m not trying (according to my boyfriend and former skeeballer “Will the Thrill”), I’m just going to jump right into it and do what I do best, and that is to base this mid-skeeson report on the stats and some colorful graphs.



Skeeson 11 Figure 1 Skeeson 11 Figure 2

Figure 1. Wednesday team means with standard Figure 2. Wednesday team hundo totals

deviation through Week 4. Teams in dark blue through Week 4. Different shades of pink

have rolled all 4 weeks; while teams in light blue represent contributions by different team

have missed 1 or more weeks and their mid-skeeson rollers. Because of DNRs these totals may not

averages may change. reflect actual totals after 4 weeks of play.


The Banking Zero, while they may or may not be rolling zeros (I don’t know since we don’t keep stats for that), it is clearly not affecting their ability to roll like the skeesoned vets they are as they are currently sitting at #1 in the standings (Fig. 1). While this could be because Jenn the Shed is rolling a 400+ average, let’s not forget that skeemate and fiancé Paul took home the High Roller’s Trophy last skeeson. Then there is Skee Wee Herman, and Jenn’s arch nemesis Pinball Steve (or Pinball Steve’s arch nemesis Jenn the Shed), you know they used to call them #superteam? While Pinball Steve took home the high roller trophy two skeeson’s ago (and Brian Aldridge three skeeson’s ago), this “super” team has yet to live up to their hashtag. Although they are currently sitting at #4, their ability to roll big (I’m ignoring the 890 from Week 3) makes them a serious contender for the top team coming out of Wednesday. Other teams currently sitting on top for Wednesday include 2 Balls & A Doll, Trickskee Little Hobbits, The Skeeballin’ Ducks, and Skeevil Dead (led by my former Nerds skeemate Coozie! Yeah Coozie!!!).

While these teams are currently on top, there are many DNRs and 4 more weeks of play that I’m sure will shake up the standings. While hundos can be your enemy, they can also be your friend, and The Knights who say “Skee!” (which has be my favorite team name this skeeson!), Hundos for Marnskee (killin’ it with the hundos for whoever Marnskee is!), and True American Skeeroes are perfectly positioned to challenge these top teams with high team hundo rolling (Fig. 2). Also, Matt Palmer from The Knights who say “Skee!” is currently #4 in the individual standings with just under a 400 average (and 74 hundos! Just 5 behind the leader and current top Wednesday roller Pat Bassett) (Fig. 3).

 Skeeson 11 Figure 3

Figure 3. Wednesday roller means with standard deviation through Week 4. Individuals in dark purple have rolled all 4 weeks; while teams in light purple have missed 1 or more weeks and their mid-skeeson averages may change.


One thing is for sure, despite these current stats, there are a lot of teams and individuals missing weeks and still 4 more weeks of regular skeeson play. With that being said, here is my unobjective list of matches to watch is these last 4 weeks of play before the playoffs:

  • In week 5, The Knights who say “Skee!” (because I love that name) vs. Bocskee (because way back when, they signed up for skeeball thinking they signed up for Bocce…).


  • In week 6, The Banking Zero vs. The Skeeballin’ Ducks. The Banking Zero were Skeeson 7 Team Champs as “Smells Like Skee Spirit” with the much missed “Skee Mac” aka Shannon, and have made a number of tournament runs since. The Skeeballin’ Ducks, while they do not have a title to their name, have seen a playoff run or two in the past themselves.  While The Ducks are currently sitting at #5, I think this will be a close match; and one can only hope they roll in with a boom box playing some NSYNC to pump up the crowd (they may or may not have been playing NSYNC, I just don’t remember, but I can only hope that I am remembering it accurately!).


  • Also in week 6, Trickskee Little Hobbits vs. 2 Balls & A Doll. 2BAAD was last skeeson’s Team Champs, while Trickskee Little Hobbits is having quite a skeeson thus far led by #1 Pat, and #5 Roberto not too far behind. 2BAAD however also appears to be ready to defend their title with all 3 rollers in the top 15, led by #6 Stephanie, and followed closely by #9 Jerry and #11 Greek.


  • In week 7, Rollin’ Dirtskee vs. Wild and Crayskee Kids. With near equal averages and fighting to make the Top 16 teams to go to playoffs, this match should be a good one.


  • And in week 8, The Whiskee Dicks vs. Dixskee Chicks, just because. My vote is for the chicks. Go girls! (…and nobody likes a Whiskey Dick, amirite?)



Skeeson 11 Figure 4 Skeeson 11 Figure 5

Figure 4. Thursday team means with standard deviation Figure 5. Thusday team hundo totals

through Week 4. Teams in dark green have rolled all 4 through Week 4. Different shades of yellow

weeks; while teams in light green have missed 1 or more represent contributions by different team

weeks and their mid-skeeson averages may change. rollers. Because of DNRs these totals may not

reflect actual totals after 4 weeks of play.



The Almighty Rollmecs are back this skeeson for a run at the Team title (Fig. 4). Ev “the Baker” is no stranger to winning with two High Roller Tournament wins and three Team wins under his belt, and seeing that he currently has the third best average on his team (out of 3), this team is going to be tough to beat. Currently led by #4 Frank Davoli at just under a 400 average, and #8 Devin McDonald not far behind, the Rollmecs are off to a pretty solid start. I got Roofskeed however is also no stranger to the playoffs. Led by Chris Martin currently sitting at #1, Courtney at #16, and Polischuk’s mad heckling skills, the Rollmecs are going to have to work to stay on top. And, it’s not just Roofskeed they have to worry about, Ain’t Easy being Skeezy (no longer an underdog team and killin’ it this skeeson with the second most team hundos (Fig. 5)), Old Grey Whistle Test (don’t let the new team name fool you, this team of veterans is led by #7 Scottie too hottie – former High Roller Tourney winner, followed by #14 Ryan Geraghty, and #21 Jan Harrington), Rickskee Bobskee (led by on and off vet roller Joe Stromer, currently sitting at #2), Rollin’ on Henneskee (led by #5 Lefty, who might have to start rolling with his dominant hand in order to stay on top), and Why So Skeerious? (led by #3 Nick Weir, always a top contender for the High Roller trophy each playoff skeeson) are not far behind.

Again, considering many DNRs and 4 more weeks left in the skeeson, while the latter teams are currently sitting on top, anything can happen and the hundo helps; Skeeing is Believing (led by #11 Eric Mendes), Run D.M.Skee (veteran team that keeps getting better and knows how to win big games!), Team Beer (mmmm beer…), Axis of Skeevil (led by rookskee Andrew Costello) and Who Wants to Sex Mutumbo (is Chuck really rolling hundos?! Did I miss this last skeeson???) have clearly found the hundo and will be huge threats for the current teams on top as the skeeson plays out.

Figure 6. Thursday roller means with standard deviation. Individuals in dark orange have rolled all 4 weeks; while teams in light orange have missed 1 or more weeks and their mid-skeeson averages may change.

Skeeson 11 Figure 6

Finally, it has been awhile since Thursday has seen a High Roller Tournament winner (4 skeesons! – Derek “Beers” Morgan, Skeeson 7). Chris Martin, Joe Stromer, and Nick Weir are in good positions averaging more than 400, with a number of vet rollers not far behind, including Chuck Rogers who not only can knock down 50 streaks, but apparently can also hit the hundos now too (Fig. 6). Rookskee rollers Andrew Costello and James DiSabatino however are also in the mix, still figuring out their roll, but averaging a competitive score not to be overlooked. Also, worthy of note is #10 Lindsay Allen; will she continue to climb the ranks and not only win one for Thursday, but win the first one for the women this Super Saturday? Only time will tell.

Now, again, for my subjective list of matches to watch in these last 4 weeks of play before the playoffs:

  • In week 5, Old Grey Whistle Test vs. Skeeing in Believing. Don’t be fooled by the current standings, Skeeing is Believing can throw up big points in a big match (plus Mendes and I go way back to my first skeeson in the league – made it to Super Saturday (and the final match?!!!). This will be a good match.


  • In week 6, Run D.M.Skee vs. Bad News Bearskees. These two teams have been around and are currently neck and neck in the rankings. Each team and team member also know how to throw down a hundo or two, which will make for an exciting head-to-head match-up in week 6.


  • In week 7, Almightly Rollmecs vs. I Got Roofskeed. Currently sitting at the top, this will be a match to watch. Why? Refer to paragraph 1. These teams are good, and if nothing else, Polichoke’s heckling and how the Rollmecs deal will be entertaining.


  • Also in week 7, Why so Skeerious? vs. Who Wants to Sex Mutumbo. These two teams rely heavily on a single hundo roller. While currently rounding out the Top 8 teams on Thursday night at #7 and #8, respectively, I think this is going to be a good match that could see either team coming out with a win.


  • In week 8, Clearly We’re Not Golfers vs. Lynyrd Skeenyrd. While I’m choosing this match-up because currently these teams sit at the bottom, I don’t actually believe this will be the case by week 8. Especially if Lynyrd Skeenyrd keeps improving like they are and this rookskee golfer team is as good as I hear (I saw yall on the Roller’s Digest cover last week!). With both teams figuring out the hundo, this should be a good match.


  • And, finally, the match not being played, Team Beers vs. Rollin’ on Henneskee. I’m more of a beer fan myself, so I would bet on the underdogs in this match. Just because. But it’s not happening, so…


With so many rollers bringing their A-game this skeeson, these final 4 weeks will be exciting. Good luck to everyone, wish I could be there, and I look forward to seeing how it will all play out!

Skee Nerd out.


Skee Nerd’s Mid-skeeson 11Report
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