Skeeball League is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.  Sure there’s always a weekly matchup on your designated night and truly life-ruining amounts of alcohol being imbibed, but more often than not the 3rd floor of TGB is barely controlled chaos happening at a dull roar. However, what I love most about SkeeBoston is that, in the best possible way, the vast majority of you often appear to be out of your damn minds. You are certainly not normal human beings. But I like this about you weirdos. Like the Chesire Cat says, “We’re all mad here.” Setting aside the obvious quirk of actually being in a skeeball league, (WTF is “skee-ball?” They have a league for that? How does that work?), almost any-and-everything seems to go as far as y’all are concerned; it’s never dull here. With Skeeson IV now half over, SkeeBoston Leaguers have certainly been keeping busy on and off the lanes! As we enter the home stretch, I thought I’d take this week to focus on some of the extracurricular “skee-nanigans” that have been happening throughout the skeeson:

1.       Birthdays – What I’ve come to discover is that it is literally always at least one person’s birthday, which is not surprising considering the 100+ horde of skeeballers currently on the roster and the finite number of days in a year. Every week and/or weekend is guaranteed to be a celebration, so let’s raise a (shot)glass to another year we’ve somehow managed to survive despite the incredible amount of poor decision-making we’ve displayed. Sometimes we even go to bars other than TGB. Sometimes. Let’s not go too crazy here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!

2.       Three words: Live. Band. Karaoke. John “Hawk” Polischuk runs live band karaoke on the first floor of TGB most Thursday nights starting around 9. Skeeballers wander up and down the stairs after their matches, belting out the latest & greatest hits. John will let you sing anything except “Don’t Stop Believin,” (I am greatly displeased with this ruling), and I also once discovered he will be just as happy to assign you a surprise song if you think you’re going to just hang out downstairs and not sing. Prepare your repertoire and unleash your inner (drunken) rock star.

3.       Hallow-Skeen Party – Seeing how creative you guys get with your team uniforms, I was excited to get a look at, and was not disappointed by, your full-on Halloween costumes. Skeeballers came dressed to impress and ready to party in their Halloween costumes last week.  Highlights included, but were not limited to: Trott & Michelle decked out as Pikachu and Ash; Shalini running circles around the bar as Domo; Mrs. Claus making an early appearance; a couple of Care Bears; everyone getting a sample of Ev the Baker’s cream (That’s what *everyone* said…about 100 jokes were made that night); The Shed attempting to roll from inside a box; and Jenn Wong and I both showing up as Cookie Monster – like, zomg, how embarrassing! Additionally, the image of Scott Sinclair in that disco outfit has forever been burned into my retinas…what has been seen can never be unseen!

Gangnam [Skeeball] Style Parody Video – Where do I even begin with this? If I were to give out some fake M-Skee-V Music Awards for this effort, they’d have to go to:  

  1. Alexis/Ev as PSY. The white jackets. The backup dancers. Not knowing any words except “OPPA GANGNAM STYLE” to lip sync along with. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Kudos to everyone who actually learned the “ride the pony” dance. The choreography is much harder than it looks. Let me know when we’re filming Cotton-Eyed Joe, I’m all over that.
  3. Whoever is skipping on the TD Garden Wall – love it!
  4. Thomas Martin, I cannot believe you actually reenacted the elevator scene. Actually I can. You are my hero.
  5. Angela Lansbury, Eric Brosnihan, and Justin Ries – Heeeeeeeey Sexy Ladies!!!

Stick around to see what we get up to in the second half and Super Saturday!