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Season 18 Sign-ups

That’s right, Season 18 Sign-ups are officially open! Rolling dates are locked in and the full schedule is posted below. Also back by popular demand for the 3rd straight summer, the Draft. Basically, we mix up all the teams. Any team that averaged over 900 last season is forced to break up (sorry I’m not sorry), but we strongly encourage everyone to participate. Let’s say 75 people sign-up. We take the top 25 rollers and make them captains. We then do a LIVE draft, with the lowest seeded captain selecting the first and the #1 seed selecting last. Everything gets “balanced”. I say that with quotes because there is always one or two people at the draft that go way off the reservation. You get the idea though.

Why do we do a draft? First and foremost, this an awesome way to mix things up and get people outside of their comfort zones. It a great way to meet new people or get to know some new teammates a little better for one season. Who knows, you might even sign up together again in the fall. It also breaks up the super teams and allows the little guys to have a shot. Last summer I believe we had 21 captains and when I did the math all 21 teams were within 30 points of each other based on averages going into the season. How much better can it get. When we talk about finding your 40 and every ball counting, it could not be more true than this season. I’m pretty sure the #10 seed won the whole thing last summer too. 

Free Skee 5/18/2017
Free Skee / Draft 5/25/2017
Week 1 6/1/2017
Week 2 6/8/2017
Week 3 6/15/2017
Week 4 6/22/2017
Week 5 6/29/2017
Week 6 7/6/2017
Week 7 7/13/2017
Week 8 7/20/2017
Playoffs 7/27/2017
Super Saturday 7/29/2017

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Season 18 sign-ups are open, so sign-up today!

Season 18 Sign-ups
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