Perfect Attendance in 2013

Hello SkeeBOSTON,

     Before we get too far into Skeeson 8 we want to recognize a handful of skeelebrity rollers who did not miss a single game in 2013.  Nine balls per frame, ten frames per week, eight weeks per skeeson, three skeesons in a row and 2160 balls later. Wow. That’s a lot of skeeball! And it doesn’t even include the playoffs or late night free-skee that many of you participate in each week.

     We had a couple of teams who showed up for all 24 matches in 2013. First on the list are the girls of There Is No Crying In Skeeball consisting of Ashley Taylor, Ida Taylor and Jamie Bergstein. Each and every week they argued that they were the most unlikable team in skeeball, but their perfect attendance for the entire year throws that right out the window. These ladies lead the league in Ida Combos and who doesn’t love perfect attendance!? Next on the list is last skeesons champs (that’s right, practice wins championships) Smells Like Skee Spirit, led by Jenn “The Shed” Foxon, Paul “The Plumber” Ciaramicoli and Shannon “SkeeMac” McLoughlin. They have been to two straight championship matches and will once again but a tough out come Super Roll. OMG Kowalskees, now known as 2 Balls and a Doll this skeeson, got together in Skeeson 6 but individually never missed a game last year. Led by Jerry “The Camera Man” Glendye, John “Greek” Greek and the remaining Burgess sister Stephanie, this team is on the verge of breaking through to the final four and making a serious run at the team championship this Super Roll. Next we have I Got Roofskeed. Chris Martin and Courtney Smith have been adorably slipping roofies into each other’s drinks at The Greatest Bar for skeesons now and we hope to see them again next skeeson. More to come below on their 3rd roller. And finally we have Magnum Skee. I., led by Heather Ryan (and two other skeemates also mentioned below). This is our ONLY remaining complete team from Skeeson 1.

     A bunch of other teams managed to keep 2 of their 3 rollers constant throughout the year. Allison Mallett and Robyn Woodman showed up to every match last year rocking some of the best custom t-shirts in the league as the Bad News Bearskees. Ben Fountain and Marissa Bias would be listed in the above paragraph had their third roller been anyone else besides Mr. Jet-set himself Eric “Super Mario” Mendes. They didn’t miss a beat regardless of what time zone Mendes was in. The Skeescrapers became Skee You Later Alligator in Skeeson 6, but one thing that didn’t change was Amanda Czarnecki and Emily Randall rolling as a pair all year long. Ryan “Butters” Wolters and Steve Vigliotti may have swapped from Wednesdays to Thursdays and from a skeeball name playing on a political pun to a porn pun, but Boogskees Nights are putting up scores that would make Mark Wahlberg proud. We also had a pair from NSA Justin Kennedy and Kaitlyn McFadden. They are a sneaky team with scores that continue to climb each skeeson. If they are on this list after 2014 I would fully expect them to be a top team making a bid for a Super Roll appearance. I will toss Chuck Rogers and Ted Pierce in this group too because they have two things in common. They both love college sports and unfortunately they are both gone (a baby and grad school). Chuck is the best banker the league has ever seen and Ted may be the best drinker the league has ever seen. Both will truly be missed.

     And finally we have the individual troopers who were with us all of 2013. Jan Harrington recently became an A.C.E. and her perfect attendance helped get her there. When her Skeeson 5 team called it quits she wasted no time grabbing Matt and Ryan and forming a new squad. She now leads Los Pollos Skeemanos, the finest fast food joint in Albuquerskee. Joanne “Jo Jo Wo” Wozniak started out as the super sub in 2013, showing up both league nights and rolling for whoever needed a 3rd until she found herself on a team. She also earned the nickname “Giant Slayer” for taking down some of skeeBOSTON’s top rollers in the HRT. Eric Siegel is a long time roller of the league who should finally crack the top 32 and get a trading card this skeeson. Bobby Maguire stepped up his game in 2013, earning himself some 40 Streak and Combo pins and leading Ready Set Roll to their first career playoff berth. Rumor has it this is his last skeeson, but who can quit right after they find their mojo? Kevin Lapoint still thinks he’s playing in a Bocce league but managed to make every roll last year. Not sure what happened to his skeemates though? Kevin Sanderson improved both his team name and score in 2013, going from SKEEZ BALLZ and a 240 to Skee No Evil and 280. Then there was Jody Brunner, who showed up to sub one night and found herself a permanent fixture on Murder Skee Wrote.

     Some of you may be thinking, “But Everett what about that guy who is always playing pinball or that guy with the Mohawk?” Well maybe I left them out for a reason… until now. There are ONLY 10 rollers left who have played every single game in our leagues history.  Seven consecutive skeesons going all the way back to when Skeeson 1 started on 8/14/2011. Brian Aldridge has rolled a 90 and a 900 and everything in between.  Christina “Coozie” Cusolito has come a long way from spilling beer in the machine the very first week and breaking it. Watching Janelle Suckley’s tears of joy for reaching the unthinkable 300 mark in the playoffs was a thing of beauty. Joining Janelle is her skeemate Zach “The Voice” Ryan, who loves his wife, the Red Sox and skeeball Super Saturdays. John “Hawk” Polischuk supplied us with live karaoke Skeeson 1 and now has a coined “Polischoke” phrase that’s used in his honor (missing the last ball for a Streak) and could soon have a smack talk trophy named in his honor. Sam Reidy once wore 5 shirts at a Super Saturday and may have some of the best trading card photos of all time. Scotty “too Hottie” Sinclair missed the first ever Super Saturday for homecoming and I bet he regrets it to this day. Steve “Pinball” Robinson has become one of the league’s top rollers and has mastered every pinball machine to enter the 3rd floor of TGB. At least he can beat Foxon in pinball, right? Thomas “Lankskee” Martin won the first team championship and holds the record with three team championships. I bet Peyton Manning wishes he had three championships (couldn’t resist one last shot). I (Everett) round out the 10 of us that have called skeeBOSTON our home away from home for 7 straight skeesons.

     Duke and myself want to thank each and every one of these skeelebrities. The people are what makes the league such a fun place to hang out each week and we hope to see a whole new batch of names and teams on this list next year!


PS – If you made this list find me at skeeball this week and we may have something for you.

Perfect Attendance in 2013
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