Magnum Skee. I. Break 900

Magnum Skee I. Break 900

Magnum Skee. I. Break 900 – Magnum Skee I. (formerly The Quinchelskees) have out with their guns blazing this season. These guys set mini goals, or at least Janelle does, for each season and try to see how many things they can accomplish. I’ve heard of other teams doing this too, even on a nightly basis. It keeps the competitive juices flowing no matter who you are playing.

Last season Janelle did the unthinkable in her eyes and broke 300. I was able to snap a great action shot of her reaction and she event wrote about everything on her blog. I don’t think a 900 was on her list of goals (I could be wrong) but led by her 338, Magnum Skee. I. rolled a 912 last week and broke 900 for the first time ever! Zach, Heather and Janelle are also all averaging career highs this season. Like I said, guns blazing!

Speaking of guns blazing, Skee Willy is one of only 4 teams to break the 1000 mark this season. These guys don’t take things serious until the playoffs either so the rest of the league better watch out.

Magnum Skee. I. Break 900
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