Red Auerbach

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Come one. Come all. For a little game we like to call… SKEEBALL! Queue up the goosebumps because I just got wicked excited. It could be the iced coffee I just pounded (the 5th coffee I’ve every drank but I’ll save that story for another day) or more likely just the thought of another incredible draft season where ANYTHING can happen. The draft: Take Three is officially upon us. 

What happens at the draft, stays at the draft. But let me tell you what, there were some fireworks. Even Red Auerbach would have been proud of how these managers drafted. The highlight of the night was a swap of picks that included “2 Drinking Nights” with a  “3 Hard Alcohol Limit”. I’m still laughing my ass off over this one. Absolutely brilliant. We need more of these outside the box thinkers in this world. 

Literally any team out there has a chance this season. Last summer, a #13 seed won it all. A couple teams I would keep my eyes on are below.

Jan/Marissa/Liz – This all ladies squad could be dangerous. I think Liz could with the right people around here (sorry Bri-Guy!)

Steph/Kori/Kristen – Another all girls team too look out for. How incredible would it be to have an all girls final? It could happen!

Ben/Mike/Kyra – Ben jumped 7 spots in the all time rankings last season. If he can keep that momentum going, this team is scary.

Ryan G./(not Jenn) Foxon/Jen K. – Ryan was on fire during playoffs last season and even knocked down a 900. If Mike can shake off the rust these guys will make a deep run.

Everett/Dionne/Kim – How crazy would it be if Dionne won a chalice before Pat? This story line I just couldn’t resist.

Eight weeks to coach up those teams and it all starts tonight. Skee you on the lanes!

– Duke

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The Draft: Take Three