skeeBOSTON Rules & Terminology

This page provides the skeeBOSTON skeeball league rules and terminology.


Skee = The motion of rolling a skeeball
Skeemail = The weekly email sent out by skeeBOSTON
Skeeson = Season
Rookskee = Rookie
Skeelebrity = A veteran roller who has earned their stripes on the lanes.
M.V.Skee = The roller with the highest score in the regular season.
Hundo = Hundred
Refund = When a ball is rolled and comes back down the lane. There is no penalty, you get to re-roll that ball. Make it count!
Gutterball – Rolling a ball into the zero.
Polischoke = Missing the 9th ball in the 40 or 50 hole and failing to roll a streak. Choking on the last ball.


Rolling Terms/Special Categories:

40 Streak – All 9 Balls are rolled into the 40 hole.
50 Streak – All 9 Balls are rolled into the 50 hole.
Combo – A combination of all 9 balls being rolled into the 40, 50, and hundo holes.
Super Combo – The first 3 balls must be rolled into the 40 hole, the second 3 balls must be rolled into the 50 hole, and the last 3 balls must be rolled into one of the hundo holes.
The Perfect 900 – All 9 Balls are rolled into one of the hundo holes.
Around the World – Rolling 1 ball in each hole in order: 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 (left), 100 (right).
The Perfect Around the World – Rolling an Around the World without missing a single shot (completed in exactly 8 balls).


Rolling – Each roller must roll with both feet behind the lanes and without either hand resting on the lane.  Violation of this rule will result in a warning.  A 2nd violation will result in a zero for each ball rolled.  All rulings will be made by the league operator and are final.

Gutterball Rule (AKA The Push-up Rule) – If you roll a zero, you get to do 10 push-ups up on the lane.  If you can not physically do 10 push-ups, you can do 10 jumping jacks.

Hundo Rule – Roller #1 can go for hundos frames 1,4,7 and 10. Roller #2 can go for hundos frames 2,5,8 and 10. Roller #3 can go for hundos frames 3,6,9 and 10. If a hundo is hit on a non-hundo frame, it will count as 20 points.

Heckling Rule – Heckling is welcome and encouraged… but keep it clean.

Interference Rule – If a roller is bumped by a member of the opposing team, they may choose to re-roll the ball or the entire frame. The league operator should be notified immediately and will make the final ruling.

SuperTeam Rule – No new team shall have a combined score of over 1050 points. This will be calculated by averaging the highest two scores in each roller’s last three seasons. (If a roller’s highest season score does not fall within the last 3 seasons, it will replace the lowest of the two high scores.)