Q: How do I join the skeeball league?
A: Email us at info@skeeboston.com with the names and emails of your 3-person team.

Q: How long is the season?
A. The season runs 8 weeks, followed by playoffs and Super Saturday.

Q: How many people can play on a team?
A: Three, but you can have subs if someone can’t make it one week (due to vacation, hangover, skee-ers elbow, etc…)

Q: Am I too old to play skeeball?
A: Of course not! League members range from 21 to 65.

Q: What time will my team roll each week?
A: You roll every Thursday for 8 weeks. Rolling times range from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Q: Do we roll against a different team each week?
A: Exactly. We pair you up with another team of three each week.

Q: How many people play in the league?
A. Over 100 people participate every season.

Q: How many teams make the playoffs?
A. The top 19 teams make the playoffs.

Q: What is Super Saturday?
A. The culmination of the entire season. Individual 64 person High Roller Tournament, individual 64 person Wild Card Tournament, Hundo Shootout, Around the World Shootout, the Chase for the Champions Chalice and the trophy presentation.

Q: What does free-skee/open-skee mean?
A: When we turn the machines on free-play, we call it free-skee or open-skee! Typically all of our off-skeeson events are free-skee.

Q: What if I can’t make it one week?
A: If it’s just one person on the team, we encourage you to grab a sub (any friend or even someone at the bar). We have make-up spots built into the schedule if your entire team misses a week.

Q: Can I still play if I don’t have a team?
A. Of course, there are always teams looking for a 3rd roller. Email us and we will get you setup on a team.

Q: Do we really need team names? Team uniforms?
A: Yes and yes. Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion.

Still have questions? Email us… info@skeeboston.com